VP Calligraphy & Design



About Vanessa, the artist

I specialize in creating handwritten & personalized designs, inspired by beautiful work from my everyday adventures. I am a self-taught modern calligraphic techniques and different mediums to create wedding/celebration signage and décor that are beautifully unique and special.

Offering calligraphy services for invitations, custom logo designs, envelope addressing, seating charts, menus, signage, and place cards. Other services include business branding & identity design, stationery & paper goods. Drop me a note  & fill out the contact form to get a custom quote or to just get in touch.

Take a look at some of my more current work on Instagram and get in touch! 

About Vanessa, the person

In third grade, I was the girl who was always doodling and hand-writing. I thought hand-writing was the prettiest thing. As I grew older, I lost the natural ability to hand-write well. All those high school notes kind of took it out of me, you know? After high school, I began to hand-letter all sorts of verses and quotes that I saw on Instagram, copying the different techniques I saw. Once I noticed that my work didn't look completely awful, I started taking orders and from there things just took off! My wonderful husband loved my work and encouraged me to start a business and although I was so scared, it had been something I dreamed of, so hear I am.. trying to find my way through the business world and loving every minute of it!